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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

(October 2 that didn't get up here)

.. I was assaulted by acorns... good thing I had a helmet! Windy and warm, so those suckers were just flying off the trees...
and oh, that peer pressure factor! I pulled up to this intersection that has 18 seconds of Walk Only... 99 bikes out of 100 go through. I *usually* don't (especially if there are witnesses), being a Righteous Vehicular Cyclists.
So I'm just perched there as this other cyclist pulls up, and stops... and he's making a left turn, but stops just as I have and waits for the *entire* "walk only" cycle... and there's a truck which he does, indeed, dash off in front of as the light turns green for us. I almost left two seconds early (there's even a countdown on the walk button) just to give him "permission."
Vehicular cycling just maybe might be contagious...

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