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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Multi-use clash

The saunter crashed today on the last stretch of path in front of Meadowbrook Park - some fun-loving girls who were paying absolutely no attention to anything but whatever game they were playing that was using the path as a playground made it impossible to get by. I had approached and almost hit one who was running forward and weaving around while looking backwards at her friends, and had hollered at her to watch where she was going... but the adult in the group was not able to get their attention. THey did seem chastened... but I hope it was real, and these aren't a whole herd of future cell phone users. Grrrr.... I know, we should have been on the street :-)

I'd almost brought the group down with my calm, analytical automataci response to a gnat getting in my eye while driving near construction with traffic passing us... I said "stopping, I have dsomething in my eye," but it wasn't in anything *like* that voice I used on the girl on the path, so nobody heard it as such and almost ran me over...

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