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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


From Gary Cziko... I think it's time for a MOVEMENT here:

Here's the latest addition to my UIUC bike path photo collection at

I thought I had seen just about everything possible parked on campus bike
paths (trucks, cherry pickers, refuse containers, traffic barriers, etc.).
But here's a brand new way to get doored on a bike (the usual way is by
drivers exiting parked cars without checking for traffic, and it can be

It seems to me that potties opening into bicycle traffic should at least
have a (one-way?) window with rear-view mirror to allow users to check for
traffic before exiting.

More seriously, it's really hard for me to understand the decision making
that goes into something like this. I think portable potties are a great
idea and I am very happy to find one when needed. But I don't understand why
it is so hard for those involved in potty placement and other such
operations to understand that bicycle paths should be kept clear for


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