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Monday, October 16, 2006

Finally somebody put the letter in that I was waiting for... the "cars are bigger than bikes. If you ride one and get hit, that's your problem." He also whined that nothing but a life sentence to jail would suffice to us.

I hope somebody replies (they only take one letter a month and I've done mine)...
A car doesn't have a chance against a tractor trailer, either. However, if a truck driver creams somebody, there will be consequences for the driver. We may even have consequences for the people who gave him his license...

The implication seems to be that there are these roaming wild vehicles that we need to dodge. Those vehicles are not self-propelled. THey have *drivers* in them who are supposed to be able to control them.

Nobody ever suggested anything like life in jail, so I guess he had to make that up so his argument would sound less absurd. It doesn't seem too farfetched, though, that if somebody proves rather convincingly (I'd say four tickets within two years which include killing somebody does this) that one is not ready for the responsibility of handling a car, that that privilege should be suspended. Not life in prison - but it would be rather fitting if the driver found herself, perhaps, riding a bicycle to get where she needs to go.

Proposals on many cycling lists calling for instant license revocation for vehicular manslaughter is the same as a life sentence for many motorists.
True... but suspension is not the same thing. (As it turns out, according to a reliable source at our public meeting last night, four days after she killed Matt, the state did revoke her license because of her previous violations.)
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