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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Breathtaking Gazelle
Delicious engineering
elegant smooth ride

integrated love
deepest joy in pedalling
no need to attach

just to enjoy

(That's for all those blogs I found the other day with poems about their bicycles!)

I'm accustomed to seeing the debris from fender-crundhers in the intersections, but I have to say this is the first time I"ve seen a bicycle chain. I do hope it wasn't accident debris.

Bigsmallall gathering today at the assembly hall. Last time I was there was singing with Kenny Rogers - when one of our group fell off the stage ... and has, amazingly, fully recovered (4 cracked vertebrate, 78 years old... some people are truly unstoppable!!). Much less eventful day :) Lots of discussion of goals and objectives. Next step is trying to encourage implementation... welp, we'll see. Our facilitator at our table was great (very down-to-earth and receptive to what we were saying) and left knowing that it's bike routes, not paths :) :)

Leaving to get my gazelle within the hour... might ride it tomorrow, since it will be all kinds of rainy. Pictures will come...

Weather channel has a lovely autumn scene of a cyclist cruising down a path full of leaves.

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