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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back on the truck, and thinking of getting a generator light for it anyway. I'd like to either make the Gazelle more cargo-friendly or make the Xtra less battery-dependent. Still contemplating the spokelights. Everybdoy I've shown them to has had the same response: COPS! I am fairly sure that's what inspired the odd chuckle from that pedestrian on my way in last Friday, too.
So... I think I simply might just have to do a sociological survey and ride with these puppies and see who notices what. Will the next football game be at night? Shall I direct traffic? Will I be able to find the other black glove to complete the outfit? Riding the black bike with the reflective black and yellow gear, I have already been mistaken for a police woman by a child once. With red and blue lights and the gear and the Gazelle... What are the possibilities?

You have a Gazelle - me as well! And thanks for your comments to today's post over at Bicycle Diaries!

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