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Thursday, October 12, 2006

31 degrees, 12 mph west wind and bright, bright sun
I did have words with a driver... I was cruising down a residential street and this chick in a pickup was coming out of her driveway, payng more attention to the car coming the other way than myself, especially given the parked pickup obscuring the view. I hollered a "Heelloooooo" but Sure enough, she just kept coming and would have plowed into me had I not anticipated it. When she saw me, she lifted a hand in a completely ambiguous acknowledgement gesture. I heard myself say "THank you for not killing me!" in my best "project your voice through the audience" voice... I'm grateful it was that and not something I wouldn't want children to hear, 'cause I'm sure people heard it.

Welp, I've done the same thing once or twice (actually, it's another reason I ride... I don't want to cream anybody), and it wasn't even really close, and I honestly think she'll be more careful tomorrow morning.
ONly saw two other cyclists on the ride in. I wish the chill hadn't come so suddenly; people might have been seduced into gradually riding in conditions a little more challenging.

And I gotta get out and finish that map stuff...

I DROVE yesterday for a mess of gastric and other reasons. It is very foreign feeling.

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