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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sunny and slightly crisp today - but I honestly believe I enjoy drizzly mists even more. That Celtic/Norwegian/Germanic ancestry? Or just all those years on the swim team... I'm more accustomed to being damp than dry :-)

Fall is definitely seeping in. Here's to good insulation!


I thought I'd come by and say hello as I have mysteriously stumbled upon this blog. I have seen your bike on several occasions near the "other" college in the Chambana area while going off to class.

I have to say I am amazed at what you are doing on your bike. Very impressive.

I was wondering if you could suggest nice local places to ride? I kinda started riding during the summer, but never had the time to really ride. But now since I'm back at school, I don't have an idea where. Any help would be appreciated.

Good luck on your rides!
How far do you want to go? There are lots and lots of neat 8-28 mile loops in the sort-of-back roads.
Glad you haven't stumbled onto me literally near this "other" college :-)
Where would you be thinking of starting from? is a nice
... oops, checked link and posted :-) ... is a nice loop by St. Boniface. (It's a nice out-and-back too for a shorter ride.)
Finally checked in again.

I'm over in Urbana, by Vine. I once tried going down Vine towards Florida, but man is that a busy ride. So now I opt to do quick midnight sprints to get the blood flowing between Vine and Lincoln on lit streets.

8 miles seems very nice to start off at. Eventually I'll up the ante, but for now, nice and steady on a fixed. And winter weather coming up....
I'm also in Urbana and before I was working out here, I would go out i the morning on Race Street, ride to Curtis (one mile S of Windsor), and turn left and ride a mile, turn right and ride a mile, turn right and ride a mile, and turn right and head back. It's a four mile loop...It ends up being 9 miles, and it's hard to get lost :-) - and it has a hill! Then I would go out and do that twice (and try to go faster the secon dtime).
A nice extension of that is to go left on Curtis (per the loop), right on Philo, but at the end instead of going right, go left... up and over and down, and take the next right, one more mile south, turn right, go the mile and a half back to race and loop back.
At any given time there are other riders out there, too.
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