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Monday, September 11, 2006

Rode in and again an almost constant stream of cycles. Also a large, black limo pulling out of somewhere in the U. For Matt Wilhelm's funeral, maybe?

Hoping that sentiment doesnt' evolve towards "those cyclists need to be protected from themselves and doing things like ride on busy roads." Focus on phone-impaired driving, if you've got to focus on something...

Dodging the storms... they came after I rode this morning and I *hope* I'll get home from chorus first...

Photo in Springfield paper :-) Not front page, not online... but MY BUTT is in all its glory, propelling the blender. GOod thing I'm secure about my body image :-)

Who's Matt Wilhelm?
Grad student who was struck by a phone-impaired driver on 130 around Windsor, Sept. 2 or 3... he didn't make it through the week. Second fatality in 'way too little time (a month or two), though the first doesn't seem to have involved a car.

The Governator here in Cali just signed a "hang up and drive" bill yesterday.
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