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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Okay, I was going to send this to the email group, but it's just more of a bloggy thing.

Just a vent... (but a short one)
I often keep a mental tally of how many cyclists I see on the ride to & fro. Today, I couldn't - it was, pretty much, a steady stream.

This, and the accident on 130 say ever so loudly and clearly, that:

Boub notwithstanding, cyclists *are* using the roads.

Decisions are being made as if they don't, for fear of increased legal liability. What about genuine moral responsibility?

We're out here. Riding. On the roads. As the law says we have the right to be; as all kinds of indications say we should be.

Signage, laws and road construction should be done with this in mind. OUr lives should not be deemed less valuable than others', simply because we choose to use bicycles for some of our traveling.

Safe bike paths are a great idea - but in the meantime... cyclists are riding on the roads and paths we have. What has been done to make the roads safer for cyclists?

I didn't think so.

How about doing Sharrows in Toynbee style ?
First issue is to get past the idea that doing *anything* would be acknowledging that cyclists use the road... and the Boub decision has made that a real challenge.
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