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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My turn to do the passing last night .. a fellow with a reallite looking like Mr. Commuter was going down Country Fair. As I approached, he slowed to a coasting *crawl.* Fine (I was doing much the same yesterday, albeit *not* on a road as busy as CF).
HOwever, when I went by him, his response was to accelerate and try to keep up. Yo! Rein the ego! Riding two abreast is a STUPID idea on this road. (No, he couldn't catch me, but yes, he was pedalling his buns off.)
No, he wasn't trying to catch me to communicate, or he could have done that at the stop light.
I'm not guilt-free when it comes to speeding up like that... but only when it's not blocking traffic!!!

Somebody's gone and written my letter to the editor for me :-) Thanks, crazy biker chick...

Maybe he was doing intervals?
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