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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lessons Learned from Bike Co-op:

People who are very interested in promoting bicycling ... want better bike paths.

Desire isn't based on extensive knowledge of what that would take, or what safe paths are... but:

"The bike path at .... looks so nice!" (Ridden on it? I didn't think so...)

"Yea, I know the paths on campus need help, but..."

I don't think we have the means or the resources to educate them all (or to educate ourselves if they're right). If we're going to make things better for those of us who ride on the roads, I think the best angle of education is to expand their idea of The Perfect Biking Town to *include* safe streets, until/while we get safe paths. (Idea being that in the meantime we educate on what safe paths really mean.)

Other lesson:

There's this cool bunch of students who want to facilitate bicyle use :-)

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