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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Somewhat sultry saunter today- about 99% relative humidity. Still, it was supposed to be rain ... the goddess's reputation is intact :-)
Took a cruise to see just how good/bad Philo Road is to ride on, and check out the roads of Far East Urbana (South of Washington, at any rate). The Golden Goat is still alive and well in the Blighted Philo ROad Business District, at 30 cents a pound for my cans. While I was waiting my turn (hey! it's Urbana!) a couple arrived at the parking lot (which, of course, is pretty darned empty 'cause the IGA is deceased even if the Goat is fine). Lady on a vintage Schwinn... guy on a sleek Bianchi fixie.
So Mike (hi! bet you find this eventually :-)) is into things sustainable, thought the Xtracycle was neat (and needed a lot less explanation than most :-)) and doesn't know where the good places to ride are. Do we need a map or what? His girlfriend was riding that bike for the *third* day since learnign to ride. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! (I never would have known.) Hey, try :-) :-)

Hey nice site. I lived in a city where getting a little respect for cyclists was a life's work. I moved, for other reasons, and now I'm here in Canada's cycling mecca.

I made it to the beach today. I just need to pick up some wide pedals. Like Pavlov's Chicken it doesn't take too many cracks at your ankle to change behaviour.
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