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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Scrumptious saunter today. To almost-St.Joe (but I forgot to go look at the donkeys!) and back... with most folks going to St. Joe or HOmer Lake or Ogden. Basically three more Saunters to go, OH MY!!! (Then it's still riding season but the Amish Ride, etc. will freely interfere).
Still seeing more bikes and it ain't even student season yet. Will endeavor to find "suggest a story" spots on local news and suggest a "Get some lights for your danged bike, people!" story. Wish I could find my big one...

Last night I did a 31-mile commute back, with a major tailwind heading west that wasn't *too* bad coming back through town. At the far reaches of the road, went by dude in pickup in driveway who made a generic greeting and then an indescribably visceral delight "Young lady!!" as if he hadn't seen one in years. Snork :-)

I'm joining the cry. "Photos! We want photos!"
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