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Friday, August 18, 2006

rainbow over Champaign
Picture is from yesterday's ride. Kept the route home to 23 'cause I was late getting out... today it's *very* rainy but that's what plastic is for, right? Frozen-bagel bags are perfect for the cell phone, the flash drive, and John's digital recorder.

Aparrel decision: Wear the rain suit so graciously given to me at GITAP (GORE-Tex!!) ... and cook; it breathes fine but it's designed for November rains, not August.
Or - hey, it sounded good in theory - decide "I'm gonna get wet!" and regress to childhood and enjoy it. So, I put on the light windbreaker, those dayglo motorcycle rainsuit pants over the sweats, and sandals, and hopped on board and dared it to downpour.
The theory works :-)
It's still fun to ride in the rain, especially when it stays gentle.
I got here looking like the proverbial drowned rat (gotta get that haircut), and going in to change, Peggy's in there (utterly sharply groomed, making some fine adjustment) and says "I guess some days are more fun to ride in than others!"
I knew if I just said "yes!" that she'd think I was agreeing with her, so I explained the process... she agreed that yes, at least it was warm!
Whenever I have that kind of exchange I think "and this is a person who would say at my funeral, 'such childlike joy!'" and it reminds me of that M*A*S*H* episode where Hawkeye does that eternal monologue when he's concussed himself, in the Korean home, and he knows they are awash with bemusement, and yet it's the closest thing to that precious communication we have, so we keep trying... honestly, childlike joy is there for **anybody,** it's here, right here, in the middle of the strife; you don't have to deny the strife to accept the joy. You gotta love your opposable thumbs...
Okay, I wore sandals, not hip-waders, so I'll stop now... and plan for those Great Things to Accomplish so I can justify a Sweet Long Ride :) :) :)


This guy might be interested in downstate bike commuters also; seen on the Icebike list:

[begin quote]I am looking for people to be interviewed by a reporter to discuss why they
will be commuting by bike and biking longer into the fall/winter season
because of gas costs--especially if you are in the Chicago area.

Please respond with contact information to:[end quote]
On the way home today I was treated to a thorough soaking as the heavens opened up and let all fury fly! It was a delightful, cooling, refreshing rain. So I, too, regressed to childhood and enjoyed it.

However, I've *got* to get some good rain gear. Enjoyment really happens best when I'm going home as opposed to going to work (or church, or the store, or wherever).
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