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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh, and the "all the blogs" on bikeblogs has a category for *everything* - mountain bikers, "29 inchers," fixed gears... oh, but the commuting blogs are lumped under "miscellaneous."

Why does cycling have to be a hobby?

Good question!

People like me and you ride for transporation but we also do it because it's fun. But there are plenty of transportational cyclists who do it and hate it and can't wait until they have the $$$ to (sort of) afford a car.
Hmmm... they didn't have a category for that either - but I reckon those folks probably don't devote a blog to it!
I did run across a blog like that about a year ago. The guy got too many DUIs and lost his license for a year so he created a blog about his learning to commute-by-bike and public transportation. Mostly he griped about how awful it was -- how hot you get, how much time you don't have, how you stink, the lousy drivers, etc.
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