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Monday, August 07, 2006

I tried the bike path alternative to COuntry Fair road, since at least one person swears there's a reasonable way to get back down to John using it; the 1990 bike path map shows something exuding from the end of Kenwood.
Yuk! First you're confronted with a "Do NOt Cross: Foot Traffic Only" bridge (that's got cones and ropes to strongly encourage that behavior and, it appears, to keep people off a part of the bridge that looks particularly rotten). Then there's that lovely underpass that only *looks* too short for me... but also involves seriously broken up concrete. Then we wind around through graffiti-sprayed places until... gravel city, which I summoned the nerve to ride through a bit but even on my hybrid tires and looong wheel base I figured I was playing with the odds - one of those chunks of gravel/concrete was going to either slice my tread or send me splatting. Then there's one more narrow wooden bridge and ... gosh, welcome to Springfield Ave (going the wrong direction, of course).
I cruised around a little and it gave me flashbacks to P.G. County - yes, there might have been a way through... created by outlaws needing an escape route, and that's who you'd find there. Urban survival radar was defnitely activated.

No, I think personally I'll stick to dodging the cars on Country Fair. The road is actually wide enough.
Today's radar included an amusing "circle of rain" around C-U, though it wasn't in the middle. I've saved it & will post when I'm where it's easier to do that.

Have you see this? I first saw him featured in an Economist article. You can find it at my bolg:

Now if he looses he should ove up here and run against Blagojevich!

Photos, Sue. You need to bring a camera with you on your forays.
I hadn't seen it... interesting! I like his philosophy.

I've been cruising collecting data on the roads for an online bike map project - which means riding slowly and speaking into a little digital voice recorder. I gotta wonder what people think :-) Of course, adding a camera to the mix will inspire even more whimsical thinking!
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