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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I remember now! Dropped in at Minus Car...

... had a slightly eye-opening experience with the TV on wahtever channel it was on at my friends' house. On whatever show it was, a couple was being instructed in how to keep from losing their house. Draconian measures were necessary because they had spent themselves silly. THis included cutting off DirectTV. (Yes, there was a little bit of Jerry-Springer-ness about the show. These characters were being displayed like the stereotypical future-trailer-trash-of-America. I gotta wonder if they watched it themselves... but I didn't watch it all the way through so I don't know if they had DirecTV at the end.)
People I know and love, though, are always broke, always behind... but set themselves up with unnecessary financial demands such as multiple pets and pay-per-view. I am mystified - but a little less so now. I know "media pressure" is part of it... but ... that's too easy.
So, these guys *knew* that they were going to have it cut off... but, oh, they were sitting watching it and BANG! it just went off and it was awful, horrible... I mean, what kind of people were they, they didn't even deserve TV?
Click! A: Other Unseen Forces Determine Your Worth, and B: Your Worth is Expressed By What Material Privileges YOu Can Access.
Personally, I don't think The Evil MEdia taught that, unless by default if nothing else was.
WIth that framework, the entire concept of Making THe BEst Of Your Situation is foreign. Making? DOing?
It makes the attitude of that "reporter" in the Quad Cities rag almost make a little sense...
Time to make and to some myself...

This "accident" occurred not far from C-U this morning. 2 riders killed, 3 injured. At least one was airlifted to Carle Hospital. This occurred near Covington, just north of the Beef House restaurant there.

(a good friend from high school is an editor at the newspaper in Terre Haute. he shot the news to me when he saw it come across the wire)
I happened upon it googling something cycling an hour after it hit the news. Beyond awful. Can't help but wonder if that semi was off the INterstate because the driver shouldn't have been on the road, period.
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