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Monday, August 28, 2006 - my best guess for my route to Normal.

quick notes while I'm catching up - ride out was rain free :-) Yes, it started to drizzle upon my arrival.

Ride back had mist for half of it... but more importantly, the South wind had reversed to North... tailwind both ways :-)

Rode by a "wakenhut security" truck on 1300 ... when I saw that this truck parked in the middle of nowhere was occupied, I waved. He rode out to let me know that the road was chewed up at the next turn, and advised me to go south a mile and then take 1200 into Arrowsmith, and that there was an abandoned house a little ways East if the rain broke bad. Made me figure that a: he knew how to "be security" and still promote P.R. and b: people trekking across the plains on bicycles were not so strange to him (and he knew the significance of gravel).

The people of Downs were also really friendly - I rode by a church and stopped at the gas station and people were greeting me and smiling as if I were a minor celebrity. I s'pose enough people have done charity cross-country rides or something?

LIB meeting... high points later ;-) (and I've got a couple of pictures from the ride)

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