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Thursday, August 17, 2006 - biking, bubble gum and belize ... I can identify with deciding to "ride off" that pesky piece of gum on the tire!

I'm seriously thinking that I want to ride to the LIB meeting in Bloomington next week. It's 55 miles or so from Mahomet, where we'll have our big club ride Saturday... so if I leave by 3, I can be there by dark and I have lights. Coming back will be 10 miles longer (plus whatever else I ride out there). I have a cell phone. THink I'll hit up the friends to be aware that I'm roaming. How different is it, really, from driving? Stuff can happen anywhere, any time.
Jury is still out: does she really not want to drive the car? Or does she really want to boost that Bike Journal ranking? Naw, she really wants a NICE LONG RIDE. And heck, the next week I can ride down to Arthur and then do the Tour de Manure in Amish country. That's only 40 miles to get there, so a nice little century if I do the metric and then come back.
Maybe I can use it as incentive to Accomplish Great Things between now and then so I have time to do it... like that commuter map...

Yes, you want a nice long ride, and 55 miles is the perfect distance. You know it is.
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