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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The latest photo essay... the "country fair" path vs. road. THe path is totally separate... from a lot of things, including itself sometimes. (THe very last page is less analytical and more polemical... well, what can I say? I didn't *ask* David and Cindy to ride by right then.)

Those pictures are terrific -- and educational.

Is there usually more traffic on the County Fair road? It seemed lightly traveled enough not to be all that bad, which makes me think there's usually more?
Once the school year starts (this week) there's more traffic everywhere in this University town. We're also, though, basically SPOILED compared to anywhere at all urban. It's not just that there's less traffic; people dont' have to drive as aggressively. If they wait five seconds for me to go, it doesn't mean they have to wait another minute for a mess of traffic.
Very lucky!
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