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Thursday, August 10, 2006

"De-motorize your soul" -

Just another "spiritual call to abandon the car." Has a few familiar entities on it.

Did another cruise looking for routes: pretty nice, tho' it's basically a little over a mile longer than shooting straight out Green St. Have to try it westbound, too, but I don't think there are any single-directional issues (such as getting from Round Barn to Green, which is somehow nastier than getting from Green to Round Barn in the morning - but that could be illusory or just a function of 7:40 vs. 5:15).
Duly note that I went on the stretch of St. Mary's that's marked, wiht a faded sign, "Narrow road: no jogging, bicycling, or roller??ing." (can't remember - maybe it actually said rollerblading?) I was already committed (you can't read the sign from the intersection too well), and was amused because of course there was a jogger there, too. (No inline folks, though.) I did choose to off-road it onto the well manicured grass where some official-looking folks were flushing out a fire hydrand into the road. They pretended I didn't exist. Yes, the road was narrow and nasty for less than a hundred yards; then visibility was fine. Lots of other more dangerous spots in town.
However, going down Fourth Street and hopping onto the "multi-use" at Florida will be pleasing to many folks.

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