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Monday, July 24, 2006

Yesterday's blog, which sat unnoticed in a window, unsent (how terribly lonely!)

Commute interest level: 4 (out of 10, utterly arbitrarily chosen). Cyclist very early on kept pace with me (then went straight as I turned on Race). Saw two more cyclists before even getting to campus. It's garbage day - good day to be wearing fluorescent yellow with those big ol' trucks easing out onto Race.
For the first time, there was a car that would have had to slow down for me where there's construction between Neil and Prospect. I ducked over to the sidewalk, and when there was no notice from the driver, I had to smile anyway - out of state tags (Virginia). Midwesterner would have smiled at me :-)
I also decided (when I moved 'way left to make sure Garbage Truck saw me) that I should do a photo essay of Green St. too. That way the idea that "well, of course there are hazards on Windsor. There are hazards everywhere!" can be constructively examined instead of used to dismiss the problems on Windsor (and other paths).

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