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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

THis morning a lady chatted with me at the bike rack. "I see how you go," she said. ""I would do it. I ride my bike a lot, but it's not safe. Drivers just don't pay attention." One had cut her off, sent her into gravel, which sent her over the handlebars, but the driver didn't even stop as she was cut and bleeding by the side of the road. I came to realize she really meant it - she *would* rather ride her bike to work, and she was a dedicated cyclist, not simply a voicer of good intentions.
She rides a lot, mostly on bike paths, but still has to negotiate busy streets.
How many more are like her?
(And how would she best be served? Would she ride on a path such as Windsor's? ... until a car in a conflict zone clocked her? Or has she gotten car-shy and it would take more than that, separate paths or at least cycling-is-an-acceptable-norm or desensitization).

Oh, and just heard that one of my students' husbands, from Mahomet, was killed in a bicycle accident on Saturday the 15th. No details.

Last night the first Pedestrian & Cycling Advisory Commission met in Urbana. Details soon...


Thank you for visiting my blog! I won't be posting new material for several weeks ; we move next weekend! Transitions...

Several years ago a woman in a hiking club the spouse and I belong to was killed while riding. The woman and her husband, both accomplished hikers and bikers, spent quite a bit of time educating thier town on bike safety. Last spring the husband was killed while riding. I thought I would stop riding forever after that. Honestly, I have not been on my bike since then.

I have since decided that safety matters - it matters a great deal. Instead of selling my Bianchi, I plan on buying another bike for city use and save the Volpe for touring. Yes, I plan on buying the Breezer long-bike combo. I'll be more upright and the chain-guard will prtect my calico dresses (and me) from potential damage. I'm not ready to give up biking yet.

Oh - I have added your blog to my links. I thought I had done it but when checking today I realized I had left out the "Sustainable Living" section. How could I?

Bonehead drivers are all around, but it also looks like C-U desperately needs some bicycle safety education.
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