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Friday, July 21, 2006

Successfully dodged weather again yesterday. One of these days I will inquire of the weather nerds at WILL about the way storms break up before getting to C-U. They don't seem to anticipate or acknowledge it, but I shoulda gotten dumped on yesterday, too.
Much gravelage added to many roads (Bondville, Windsor, Kirby) - quite passable but folks on those silly skinny tires will want to slow it down. I exhausted my little self in 40 miles with the 13mph headwinds (died on the return trip) and the heat and those unskinny tires.
And now that I'm paying attention, yes, most drivers on those two-laners are going all the way over to pass. Perhaps it's myh imagination, or perhaps the State of Things has people feeling more kindly and respectfully towards two-wheelers without motors.

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