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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Bad Driving today or yesterday... crappy weather in the morning, but those are the real "Green Miles" - the ones when yea, I really could have taken the car. I've got fenders, though - and 40 miles later, sore legs :-) '68 Schwinn Racers are heavy...
Yesterday 8:15, corner of Neil and Hessel/Stadium: 4 bikes, 4 cars waiting for the E-W green. Upon its turn, a fifth bike cruised up and through. YES, the bikes are out there. The couple at the corner were definitely not students (but also looked somewhat nonplussed... when was their turn? they were gazing at the "walk" signal that I'm not sure ever came...) There's room for education at many levels.

Hi there Illinois! Nice blog, nice to read some more commuting stories.
I'm doing a big bike / public transit commute up here in Ontario (67km one way).
Check out
if you get a chance.
Be well!!
Are you the Sue J I think you are? (If you don't know, then you're not!)

I'm impressed with your commute.
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