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Monday, July 10, 2006

Had a genuinely bad driver incident last night... BFlat 78 in her blue beetle was behind the car that got to the 4-way about the same time I did. The first car went, I proceeded to proceed, and she simply and overtly proce4eded anyway, going about a foot from me (if I'd had keys in my hand, I'd have been tempted to "steady myself"...) I looked her down and she turned her head so she could see me in her peripheral vision but still send that "I don't have to see you, you DO NOT EXIST" message.
The other car waited even until I'd noted her plate, then proceeded through.
Interesting... that's twice in two days, or maybe it was the same day. Different intersection, same bike. Day and night (but night wtih headlight and hokeyspokes - visibility *not* the issue!). And... until that point, this town is so gracious as to be confusing in letting bikes go first at four-ways, even when it really isn't our turn.
AND I saw the person driving DFX ... an older gentleman who looked at me scoldingly as I smiled (this time he was going W on Green Street but well East of Lincoln, where it's only 2 lanes, and I was going East, in the road of course, but without a bike path for him to wildly point at). I am fairly sure he doesnt' know that I know he's that man (but knew who I was... it's the Xtracycle, after all).

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