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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From those sidebars from Google (from somewhere or other):

Guy supports rails to trails and is riding across america... blog at

Routes from meadowbrook, annotated.

The first is - it's a "Philo-SIdney" route. Goes by nice horse farms; the mile into Philo is a bit busy so you can go one more mile and then turn left (East?). There's a Casey's in each town. is an eastbound route to St. Joseph, home of the GOlden Mine restaurant (and a Daairy Queen near the interestate). I may be one block too far SOuth in St. oe for the Golden Mine, but I don't think so. will take you through Tolono. This particular route takes you past the Freedom Station in Tolono, tho' you ccan also continue on 1200 (First STreet) South another mile and cutting across town on the South end. Coming North on 900 (Duncan Road), there is at the corner of ... hmmm... 1000? I think... on the right hand side, there's a water pump in the corner of a field which a cyclist's relation is pleased to let us use. is in the same direction but continues to take in the town of Sadorus; when you turn NOrth you'll go by a baseball park on the right (just after crossing the train tracks) that has bathrooms or something close to it. (If I remember right, the water from the fountain is nasty, though.)

For getting to Philo, I generally preferred Hwy 130 over Philo Road. Back roads to Sidney are a good idea.
I see we're kinda neighbors! I'll have to drop you a comment next time I do a loop through the Cham-Bana area!
It's josh allen. I've really been wanting to get back out with you guys for the IPC but I"ve been super busy as of late. I just stumbled across this link today and thought you may want to post it in the links section on the champaign county bikes website. It's got some good information for those looking to start out commuting.

God Bless and safe riding!

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