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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Should cross the 1000 mile marker for the month on the ride home tonight. Yippee! Might try for jUly, Too, but without GITAP that will be a challenge.

Saw five cyclists before I was across LIncoln, before 7:00 in the morning - and the usual four or five more for the rest of the trip in. Still have construction on that half mile of Green East of Prospect (but so far, no cars have come up behind me when it's just one skinny lane).

Rode the Xtracycle HARD yesterday. Except for hills and acceleration, she could keep up. She was calling herself Angelique for a while; we'll see if the name sticks. I think I"d better give the Trek a real once over; it should be a lot easier to ride than Angelique and it isn't. Gotta check those straps and zippers and other friction sources!

Also saw a group of three and a single rider on my way to meeting another nine people at the Wednesday Show & Go. Of course, there were no doubt the usual 15-25 Fast & FUrious Wednesday Long Riders. That's a *lot* of people out for recreational riding on any given day...


Thought of you Sunday. Spouse, Friend and I went to visit Albany, the next destination on this crazy trip called life. We checked out the neighborhoods within the city that we are most likely to shop, live, work and school in. It is remarkably flat (unlike Ithaca which is mostly vertical)and the perfect city to xtra-cycle around. I'm looking forward to storing the car and burning my own fuel. Which, after 2 years of desk-work, I'm blessed to have an abundance of.

Today's my last day! On to the next thing! (Like sleep)
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