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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Saturday Saunter" maps. Of course, you can get bike maps from IDOT, too. We're number 5.

Meadowbrook to Philo. Note that you could cut right across the yellow road directly into Philo - that road is BUSY so we usually go the extra mile and come in the back way. The other yellow road for the loop back is not quite as busy.
Graveling up the roads is unpredictable; you just never know. It's good to have the map so you can see the options ;-)

Map *to* Tolono : This gets you to the Freedom Station. You could also go to the grocery store You can also turn on Old Church instead of the road one more mile North.

Many options for the trip back; you can just turn around or:
Go out to Duncan and then swing back (24 miles)
Loop to Sadorus (alas, the Sadorus Pub is closed) - 32 miles. Those yellow roads tend to be smooth, fast... and happily not overly traveled by motorized vehicles. Memorize these routes for blissful rides!
More coming soon...

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