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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

GITAP THREE; kinships

One of the neat things about cycling with a big group is that there are going to be people who "Get" things - usually a shared joy, sometimes a shared frustration - that most people don't - and non-cyclists, hardly ever. Those moments of harmony are like a really good chord where every note is in tune, and they resonate throughout and dissipate inner toxins.
I think equally valuable is that acceptance - no, I don't exactly understand why you ride without a seat, but since it works for you, share the joy of being able to be strong and have fun. Behaviors like:
- running when I didn't ride... not because I was exercising discipline, just because it was what the ol' bod' wanted, which is a neat thing in itself.
- singing
- not having to conversationalize ... just riding...
- Velosophie - humanities meets cycling (Google it... there's even a photo gallery. I tend to be wearing rugby shirts :-))
- The whole Xtracycle thing - riding teh bike you want to ride, explaining (making testimonials, witnessing) why it's the right bike, not having to explain sometimes...

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