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Monday, June 26, 2006

Dear 665 1170 (some kind of truck or SUV):

It was almost pleasant charging up the Kirby overpass at 5:30 p.m., instead of the anticipated nervous-making aggravation. Granted, I had a tailwind (those hailstorms were breathing down my neck) and was prob'ly going over 20 mph, but you hung back and waited 'til I was over the top and there was honestly, really, enough room to pass. Somehow the three drivers behind you weren't obnoxious either.
(DLVY, on the other hand - really, there are two lanes going the same direction on State STreet! You can use the left one, I"ll take the right, okay? DOn'tcha know vanity plates are a bad idea if you're going to drive in ways that attract attention?)
Note to self: Staley between Bradley and Springfield has (big) gravel shoulder, and is too busy for comfort. After Springfield it's got a fat shoulder (but it's still busy, with trucks leaving whatever that place is). Even with big black clouds, might be worth goin' one more mile to rising...

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