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Friday, June 09, 2006


Commemorative pic of attempt at SERIOUS FACE after taking the wheel in after the hokeyspoke attacked my spoke and helmet accessory. More later.

This is the day the Transportation comments are due.

Note to self: Next year (I think they do this every year) put this up two weeks earlier.

Ours are at and there is a nice handful of us signing it. My karma must be in good standing because this came around on the guitar of life at a time when I actually had time to fiddle with it. (Metaphor mangling finished...)

Haven't seen DFX 645. Received the Rockford "Bicycling Map" in the mail yesterday. Spiffy!!! Glossy, informative, professional looking. I'm inspired. These Fridays off (starting next week when I get back from GITAP have an agenda, now. Have camera, will record. (Will also have to get up OILY m-th... ah, well!)

Today's agenda: find smoothie recipes for the bike blender for GITAP. Those last strawberry ones were a little tart - what you get if you don't have a recipe, I s'pose!

Found blog: Minus Car Project - and it's still going, even though it was a last summer thing! I"m telling you, there is something about these bicycle things that lead to persistence and a plethora of other elusive virtues.

For 2006: 2700 miles on the bikes, 1100 on the car - car mileage to increase in upcoming week (it's the refreshment vehicle). Obviously, blogging will be unlikely. We'll see! Will I regret taking Sir Xtra??

The SPoke Story (or, forgot to blog it!)

Last Thursday, rode home Via Bondville + 2 miles, which meant the rain caught me, which didn't matter 'cause it was really warm and I was already sweating. Had to relearn, however, the If It Is Making Noise, CHECK IT OUT lesson. Yea, the hokeyspoke was clicking a little off and on... I was having a good time trying to get home by 7, trying to keep most miles under 4 minutes (I will get the computer fixed, one of these days), but cruising speedily down the hill between Philo and Race on Curtis, CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! and the thing is loose and wild in my wheel, trying to take out every spoke, and I put on some heavy brakes and FISHTAIL, and (amazing!) recover (thank you Yoga Institute for my improved sense of balance!) ... stop and start walking the thing to that little safe gravel on the side, glancing back over the hill for cars, glancing back... here comes one...
"Would you like a ride?" It's an Urbana police officer in a pickup truck. Silly me, I maintain my fierce, wet, sloppy, gritty independence and say "I've only a mile to go and I just need to get this spoke out of the way." Shot down a chance to exemplify a "normal" [gainfully employed homeowner] person who happens to ride a bike. Will *try* not to let it happen again...
Trade wheels with Trekkie. Put spokeless wheel in back. Ride to Champaign Cycle Friday. Receive pigsnout and ears helmet decoration while spoke is being fixed. Feel loved :-) Life is good :-)

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