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Monday, May 29, 2006


Almost everything! what you don't see is the gallon and a half of detergent (the round top is peeking out) and the grocery bag with three cartons of punch and drinks. I almost left... and then remembered the brewskis.

I did lean a little to the left all the time 'cause it was heavier on the right, and took turns WIDELY, and had my usual luck with traffic (which is to say it was light!)

Returned from the Horsey Hundred. Since I was riding a commuter bike (though some people inquired as to its function in some bemusement), several times I was asked whether C-U was "bicycle-friendly." I had to say that the people were, but the infrastructure certainly was not, especially as these folks generallky had tales to tell of places where bicycles **were** actually, consciously included in planning and (oh, my!!!) funding.
I found the types of questions fascinating (compulsive analyzer speaking here). More than one soul really wanted to know what exact function the bike has - as in, what special thing could it do, since we must have a separate product for everything we do. I'm glad to say that there were slightly more people who stopped, looked, considered and imagined... and appreciated its elegance. (Even more people were bemusedly entertained, especially with the blender; I had several pictures taken.)
Ah, pictures. Going to put one of 'em on my screen saver to motivate me to have a lighter load to haul, and I don't mean anything on the bicycle... many miles does not preclude many pounds. (Not because of vanity, but because I'll be FASTER, of course!)

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