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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Yes indeed... got it cranking. Not successful at turning ice into slush but the strawberries worked well. I'll have to work on technique and recipes or something!

probably 40+ people on the assorted groups for the Saturday ride. I am thinking that even when we switch to 8:00 I"ll make our ride an 8:15 one so we don't do like today, which was having a 20-odd rider pace line passing another 20-odd rider clump... it took half a mile, annoyed the heck out of a driver, and is just a lousy combination of too many wheels going different kinds of speeds. Okay, it did look a *little* awesome ... and makes me wonder if maybe the Richmond bike club doesn't do their rides over the space of an hour by police request (or because of some other negative incentive)

Hoping to have wheel SOON!!! The black bike is great but ... but. Especially with my amazingly dorky Hi-Viz camelbak, which has ZILCH ZERO NADA cargo capacity, I sitll have to *think* about what I"m going to carry along. No way we could consider using it for the shopping.

Yippee, though, there was a Mom-and-daughter (prob'ly) combo shopping on their bikes.

Okay, I don't want to steal the "Harley Wave" - so how can cyclists ... hmmm... that old-fashioned V for Victory, peace, but moving your fingers...

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