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Monday, April 03, 2006

Welp, since I'm a bicycle lifestylist I had to ride in this morning, despite the "wind advisory" (35+mph on the open prairie, which I wasn't, but interesting even through town dodging the debris from last night's 75+ mph winds) and the drizzle. Just like the Xtracycle blurb... it feels good to be outside, it feels good to be strong. I suppose the Irish-German-Norwegian heritage is why it feels **good.** (one third of each, if you're asking) I had duly considered driving, p'raps taking the bike into the shop... but the fresh air called me.

Urban moment: It's also garbage day, So there were just a few trash cans rolling around in the streets like some kind of bizarre video game graphics. The round ones were dutifully spiraling in the gutters and curbs, but a cavernous square monstrosity was quivering in the middle of Washington street, requiring all kinds of avoidance reactions.
I pulled over preparing to dash out and reel it in, just as a school bus approached from the other direction, instantly sized up the scene, stopped and put those flashers on, all traffic stopped, the guy in the first car made as if to retrieve it but I beat him :-), placed the plastic safely against a tree on the other side of the road, and they *stayed* stopped until I came *back* across to my bike, and we continued our commute. Good morning!
... It never would have happened without the bike.

u said "welp" haha i thought only ised that u know like wellep er well with elp.... my blog is more silly than yours but then I claim to rule all of Jeju...
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