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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I saw BOTH other Xtracycles today!

Tale of addiction:

I go to bed hoping for the forecasted rain to at least be predictable... hoping not to have to lead my ride. I have a lot to get done.
At 7:45, it starts drizzling for real. Yay! (ride is at nine). But... maybe the radar would show it's just a little blip... so at 8:20 I ride over to that house that has the wireless... nope, don't have the key. Ride back. Get the key. Ride back. Go in.
Radar says green, green, rocky road...
... so I ride on out to Meadowbrook. NObody's there. It's only sort of raining. It's cool, it's SPRING. I keep riding.
... an hour later, I'm NOT ready to stop... but duty calls.
45 degrees and 15 mph winds is my favorite temp... but with a drizzle, 55 degrees and 15-20 mph winds is DELICIOUS.
No, I don't mean endurable... I don't mean you learn to ignore the pain. I mean, it FEELS GOOD. Cycling (and that well-insulated Norse/Celtic/German frame) does that...

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