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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here's a cultural barometer: what are there pages and pages of on ebay, and why?

There are nine pages of camelbaks.

Speculate: why? (I just got a Hi-viz one with tags for $20.22 - they're $53 retail, *and* generally the places to get ' em are survivalist type stores and I'm not sure I'd want to get on their mailing lists, though one was "safety glasses . com".

Are they like treadmills or exercise bikes... except that you *know* you're not going ot use it and you don't even feel guilty about it? Has there been some bad publicity about them that I've missed? (They cause....??? Gerbils are mutilated in their manufacture?) Or are there that many pages of most things... but I am usually cruising through "Schwinn Racer" and other extremely specific entities and just don't realize that?

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