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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Happy Easter!

Plastic Gatorade bottles make great sunflower vases.

Bike: 1400 car: 600

Bicycle Meditations including "Get of the F*ing Road!"

HOkeyspokes are being hokey... one won't turn off and it shouldn't be low on batteries (which is what I thought the mystery factor was). They're a good idea but perhaps not ready for prime time.

BLENDER HAS ARRIVED. Perhaps this has already served an important function, I suspect; I've worn out the brake pads already so I"ll be getting a rear wheel built (a 36-spoker, but don't be staring at my nipples, now!) with a disk brake... so now the bike shop folks know I really am willing to spend money on the thing (heck, if I can "afford" a blender, I should be able to put as much into brakes and wheels, eh?)

Blessing of the Bikes:

Sue! I didn't know you had a blog. I was googling "Champaign Cycle" to try to find an article I'd read about the shop once, and here you are! The bicycle meditations are very nice, and your tales of commuting are inspirational.
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