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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yes, I drove yesterday, even though "you can't plow a forecast, honey," and it ended up being less than two inches of the white stuff. I did sort of want to remember how to do it, since I"m headed up Chi-town way on Friday.
Aromatic delight - if you ride in the rain and you have a hotel soap in your Freeloader bags, you emanate floral essences.
The fellow on the homemeade recumbent chatted with me Monday,and I lacked the social skills to inquire about it (and ask if he knew he'd been blogged)... and had difficulty managing a conversation and traffic. (No, I do not talk on the cell phone while riding or driving as a rule...) It's such a nifty creation but he said he hits his cargo weight limit befoer he hits the volume limit.

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