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Friday, March 24, 2006


Successfully (I think!) installed the Wide Loader this morning!!! Soon it can have Da Coolah!

Discovered that Greenways & Trails Steering Committee has decided to update their map of the area... and that they have a current "folding map" online at

Da coolah, da coolah... elegance in design it is, when **I** can figure out how to get the thing on there, and ride it over to Wireless Place. I must say that in that half a mile trip, cars seemed to give me *a lot* more room, and I didn't even have a flashing "wide load" sign. I honestly don't *think* I was riding erratically - it was just that perception of "wide and weird" that let them treat me like a tractor. Don't know what they were thinking, though...


That is simply awesome. I can't wait to retire the Subaru Outback and ride one of my own!

Well ok...maybe not completely retire the outback...

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