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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Senseless acts of kindness... that band for the heart rate monitor that I stuck in my stuff but couldn't find at the bike-a-thon was draped on the porch railing. Must have fallen out onto the sidewalk ... some nice walker-of-kids to Leal must have seen it.

It's not raining *yet* and tomorrow is supposed to be worse, so the bike begged, even tho' it's supposed to be raining hard tonight and I've got class. We'll see how wet things get. I get to bring the bike in at 5 and perhaps clean it a little before class at 6 down the hall.

I took the Xtracycle to the Bike-a-thon at the Refinery (so I could toss the trainer in the back when I was done and ride home, and just to be different from the standard racing bikes ;)) and it got adulations.

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