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Monday, March 06, 2006

A little stiff from doing 4 hours on the trainer yesterday with the Triathletes' bike-a-thon (and riding there and back, of course). DId it on the Xtracycle for assorted reasons... at one point I was shifting to the big ring and it was being noisy, and the guy next to me turned to look, and he kept looking, and finally just said, "I love that bike."

The hokey spokes are being odd... one of them won't turn off. It's prob'ly the one going low on batteries; it's not on at full brightness and it won't do any of the design changes. However, what it will do is turn the other one on. I don't mind the low battery glowing its last gasp at life, but I don't want to waste the good ones. It might explain why my buddy returned them because of spontaneous turning-on, but the company couldn't replicate the problem.

I think I know why drivers are nice to me ... at least at night time (THo' they're nice just about all the time.) So many riders are cruising in the dark, NO LIGHTS. Welp, I guess people are nice all the time and that's why these guys aren't all getting clocked. Yo! Nashbar has them on sale for less than six bucks! ... I've seen blinkies at Casey's for $3.99. OF course, they're made in China, but if you're going to live to continue to support the sweatshops, you better buy some of these things, eh?

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