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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I carried a crock pot full of stuff (indescribable TVP chili-like casserole) to school on the bike today. This is where I think the Xtracycle front page doesn't quite have it right - they address all the folks who will improvise and make do... not people like me who can improvise with the best of 'em but are certifiable mechanical morons.
The point is that it took less than one minute to unsnap the freeloader thingies, put teh crock pot in the pouch, snap 'em back, check things ('cause I've learned to :-)), and ride into the sunrise. No complicated geometry or riding with three hands behind my back.
Then it was almost as easy to put my big computer into a bag, put it into the slot, make sure it wasn't going to slide around too much and ride off to my friend's house. Before the Free Radical, I would not have been able to do that without my brain fully engaged and time to plan; more than half the time I'd have gone for the car.
Bikes: 950, Car: 260. Next week the car will get a LOT of miles - chicago is calling... but I'll sitll be at a fewer-than-3000 annual miles rate.

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