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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drove today. Had to get to concert at 6:30 (which went really well ... John Rutter's Requiem is very pretty) and there were severe storms predicted. Wished I'd ridden, even when it was drizzling. It's like watching the world instead of being in it any more; it's the wrong rhythm. I caught myself trying to settle in at 15 mph on those residential streets. It's just a better speed for life. The car is like some weird costume that makes me do contortions (or being at stifling meetings... and perhaps spending an hour at the "meet the guy who wants to be college president" had already infected me wiht wanting to be FREE)... I don't know if I'd feel the same on the INterstate or not since I don't go on the bike there, but I would have thought I'd have been glad to be Getting There Faster instead of wanting to SHED the thing and feel the drizzle and stroke the pedals. Tomrrow, tomorrow...
... I think tomorrow I'm going to surf for other webstuff - I've seen 'em already - that talk about the genuine change that happens when the cycling takes over; like other disciplines of love that create an inner joy that outsiders roll their eyes at....when you can't even believe yourself that you really *want* to do it that way because it really *does* feel good.

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