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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Got press coverage today! (We'll see if it's really in the News-Gazette tomorrow, next day, whenever...) Seems the N-G sent a reporter out to Find People Who Are Not Watching Football. Seven of us were going on a bike ride 'cause one of us had bought a bike yesterday and wanted to RIDE. It almost looked organized :-)
Will post link tomorrow if it gets to the online version (which I doubt...) too bad I didn't have my xtracycle yet...

You did mention your blog to the reporter, right?
I shoulda mentioned: I was interviewed twice within a couple of days because I blog. The blog apparently makes me some kind of expert.
Um... no :-) I should have at least said "I'll have to put this in my blog" - but prob'ly every other person in this college town has at least two. I just haven't gotten used to carrying the soapbox around yet :-)
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