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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Six, schmix... the bank on Vine said 0, the one at Country Fair/Springfield said -1, tho' WILL said 'between 1 & 2.' I wore my *coat* (and was toasty) on the grounds that I got a genuine chill Monday night. The coat's so warm that I don't have the post-ride problem of all the cold air caught between the layers trying to get out unless I change right away (and separate them, or else they're still cold later).

It was cold enough that the chain had trouble bending around the derailleur so I couldn't push too hard on the pedals after coasting or stopping. Shifting was also a lost cause - wonder if cables would break. P'raps the one-speed would be a better idea... how do coaster brakes do in subzero conditions?

A week after I moved to Champaign the thermometer dipped to 20 below Fahrenheit, with wind chills at 40 below. The Grand Am wouldn't start. The Corolla started, but I needed to leave that at home for my wife, so I rode my bike to work instead. That was probably the absolute coldest I ever rode a bike.

Today in Colorado there's snow in the streets. It was about -2 during the 5 mile morning commute. There's no bad weather -- just bad clothing. At least we don't have the 100 mph winds like we did on Monday.
Welp, you could include "bad tires," as well as bad clothing - since that falling over thing happens when it gets icy. I suppose the right clothing would have airbags :-)

The weenie part of my brain was simply amazed that my bike does not spontaneously splat, the instant it encounters something resembling ice or snow on the road. However, I'll have to take some parking lot practice sessions before I commute when the white stuff's sticking (which will be tomorrow).
"Bad tires" -- I guess I should mention I have a studded front tire on my mountain bike. I bought it from Nashbar. Great investmnt.
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