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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh, my! Got my hands on the December issue of Bicycling, and it's actually interesting. Yes, it's still MTV meets print media - enough visual clutter to make my head spin - but the article "invisible riders" - people riding because of necessity, usually on cycles beneath their disdain, commuting to 'entry-level' jobs was fascinating (yes! there is more to the world than the Main Marketing Demographic Groups!). Then the "lose the training wheels" article talked about good ol' Champaign Urbana, and a man's 'retirement' into designing bicycles and teaching methods for folks who have trouble with surrendering those training wheels for one reason or another.

Saw many bikes yesterday, streaking stealthily through the shadows. I *still* don't know why more pedestrians seem to get clocked than these invisible guys in the dark of the night.

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