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Thursday, November 17, 2005

N ippy, nippy, nippy this morning! (17-ish, wind chill supposedly 3, but that doesn't really apply in town.) (Fortunately all the way into the 20's by the time I went back, since I left my top-layer jacket somewhere; I just put on all the clothes that were in my desk :-) :-))
Many students out and about (THursday before week off, and at 6:00-ish the weren't all potted yet) - so yes, I finally got some of the advertised-type comments about the lights as they went whizzing by assorted clumps of undergraduates (though there was *still* something midwestern about "That is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life." Different from the "Tight light!" which was what the Planet Bike 10-watter got...what's with the complete sentences? Can't believe it's the University influence)
However, I saw just as many people today as other mornings when the temps were warmer. Like me, they were moving a little faster :-)

Quick heads up: I found another Champaign County bike blog.
Thank you!!!
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