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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Maybe it's a midwestern thing, but hokeyspokes have not had the expected effect. When I put the (missing in action) big honking headlight on, it seemed I cast an aura and people gave me more space. If anything it's the opposite with the hokeyspokes. The idea that you can be so gaudy that people drive more erratically seems to be quite possible, even if I've only got a few nights' worth of observation. I'm thinking that on late-night commutes they aren't a bad idea, when vehicles of all sorts appear unpredictably and get more attention than they would as part of the 'rush-hour' (if a D.C. area soul can call it that without laughing out loud) stream.

I put some Tiresparx on my bike and they're definitely noticeable at night, and make a real difference to driver behaviour. They're pretty much useless during the day, though.

I bought some Tireflys last year and they were OK, but nowhere near bright enough. The salt on the roads here in Nova Scotia was enough to rot the plastic, too, so they only lasted a season - but they're pretty cheap anyway at $7.50.
How are tiresparx different from tireflys? Hokeyspokes are cool, but I consider tireflys to be completely useless on a bike.
Maybe they're bigger. They also had some other light options that looked fun (the eyeballs especially).
The Tiresparx are about twice as big (physically) as the Tireflys, and put out significantly more light. The Tireflys are only really visible from the side, the Tiresparx put out enough light that they reflect off the rim and the rest of the bike. Drivers definitely notice me more with the Tiresparx.
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